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yoga with Jess
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Body & Mind Wellness with Jess offers a wide range of yoga and fitness classes, outdoor classes and more!

Things you Should Do

Like my Facebook page and follow me on YogaTrail. My Facebook page posts inspirational quotes, scheduling updates and more. YogaTrail allows you to keep track of my current schedule and any upcoming classes.

about jess

Hello everyone. My name is Jess and I am a certified yoga, fitness and aqua fitness instructor. I have over 20 years of dance experience and almost 10 years practicing yoga. I found yoga after graduating high school. I started teaching dance, but realized I wasn't dancing as much as I used to. I needed something that would keep me in shape, keep me limber and strong. I didn't realize the impact yoga would have on my life. I realized I needed to share my love of yoga and my experience with others. So I became certified and started teaching locally.

I love to teach. My students are my pride and joy. I can't describe the feeling I get when I see my students finally making a breakthrough on a pose they've been working really hard on...or when they just feel that class helped them to cope with their day; that's the best feeling in the world. As I continue to learn and grow, I pass my knowledge on to my students to help them succeed in whatever they set their minds to. For me it is an honor to be able to grow and share with my students my love and passion for yoga, health and overall wellness.

what people say

" Jess provides an excellent balance between the body focus and spiritual aspects of yoga. She instructs in a gentle, guiding way and assists her students whenever needed. Besides being well able to demonstrate each move and talk her students through them, her music selections support and enhance the experience. Jess has a lovely voice for yoga. I always leave her class feeling refreshed and encouraged.

what people say

" I think Jess's sessions were wonderful and I look forward to visiting her for another yoga session soon!

what people say

" Best yoga EVER! You will feel stronger, happier and more energized, Jess gives you the motivation! the determination!


Do I need any yoga experience? No. I provide modifications for all of the asanas.

What do I bring? Bring a mat if you have one, any straps or blocks, bolsters or pillows that you have/need/use. Bring water and a towel as well.

What should I wear? Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Wear layers if possible, so you can feel comfortable throughout the whole class.

What do I do if I arrive late? If you are late by 10 minutes (or less) please enter the room as quietly as possible. If you are more than 10 minutes late, please do not enter class. It will disturb those practicing.

Things to remember: Turn your cellphone off (silent is best, vibrate can be disturbing during class). Be considerate to those around you and their space for practicing. And please keep your voice down once you enter the studio.

class descriptions

Yoga A yoga class that incorporates all the traditional elements, with modifications offered for all levels. Sun Salutations, warrior sequence asanas and savasana are all a part of this class. Try Yoga Mondays at 6pm at Meridian Fitness and Wellness Center.

Yoga Flow A class centered around flowing, controlled asanas and breathing. It incorporates all the traditional elements of a vinyasa class, such as sun salutations too. Try Yoga Flow Fridays, 6:15pm at Meridian Fitness and Wellness Center.

Toga A fusion of Yoga and Toning. In this fitness infused yoga class, you will use simple yet effective movements to help tone your entire body. Build strength, lean out and stretch your muscles in a safe elongating motion. Try Toga Wednesdays, 10am at Meridian Fitness and Wellness Center.

Liquid Cardio An Aqua class that incorporates cardio and toning as you move through the water to music! Try Liquid Cardio Thursdays, 7pm at Meridian Fitness and Wellness Center

Aqua Ballet A ballet-based aqua toning class that incorporates elements of a traditional ballet class in the pool! Tone as you lengthen and strengthen your muscles in the safe environment of an aqua class. Try Aqua Ballet Wednesdays, 6pm at Meridian Fitness and Wellness Center.

Int/Adv Yoga A Small Group Training class (extra fee for Meridian Fitness members) that allows you to progress further in your yoga journey. More advanced asanas are covered in the class, so it is recommended that you have prior yoga experience. Try Int/Adv Yoga Thursdays, 8:15pm at Meridian Fitness and Wellness Center.

Yoga in the Wild

Yoga in the Wild is a company I started, with the aim of getting more people outside to experience yoga in the great outdoors! Currently you can take classes with myself and a select few great instructors outside. We plan to expand Yoga in the Wild to include outdoor yoga retreats and events of all kinds!

The current outdoor yoga class schedule can be found on our Facebook page and our YogaTrail profile, click the buttons below to see upcoming classes and events!

questions? contact me. I'd love to hear from you!